About Us

The Vision of setting up ‘BASE’ was conceived by a group of educationists in 2002.
Under the imaginative, dynamic and socially committed leadership of its founder,
Ch.Bhagwan Singh,’ BASE’ has already made astonishing strides in the field of
education during the short span of 10 years. It’s location in the outskirts of Ch. Dadri
is perfect for giving pollution free environment to children.

‘BASE’ is a co-educational English medium Kinder Garten to K2 school, affiliated to CBSE, Delhi with Aff. No. 530959. ‘BASE’ ensures all round development of the students. They can participate in a wide range of activities and events which provide plat-forms to question, explores, experiment, participate and grow. It helps the students to keep abreast of happenings, making them aware of what an educated individual is supposed to know. It encourages ethnic, academic and social diversity. From it's extra curriculum activities, it’s is it diversity that makes the difference. A child is more than what he thinks he is. That‘s what ‘BASE’ helps him do-inspire more in him.